Denise Ranay Massage Therapy
providing excellent service in onsite theraputic and medical massage
Paul Van Doren, PMP

Denise is one of the best massage therapists I have had to treat me. Regular treatments at the time helped me stay in a peaceful state of mind. Only reason I haven't seen her lately is travel time, as life has kept me directed on the other side of the region.

Joseph Teachey

Denise is a dedicated, well trained and enthusiastic Massage Therapist. I hired her to assist in my recovery from "three" major orthopedic surgeries and her performance and knowledge of the body's anatomy is superb! If it were not for her deep tissue massages I would still be struggling to walk unaided. If you are serious about recapturing your quality of life and anatomical function hire Denise by dialing (757)-288-8754!

Joseph L. Teachey
Retired Marine Corps Veteran


Lori Navarro-Williams

I've known Denise since 2008. Her in-home massage therapy services are the best I've used past and present. She's knowledgeable and very sensitive to your needs in mind and body. Her hands work magic and it's not to be missed.



Words shared from clients to Denise Ranay in conversation:

     "I wish I would have stayed consistent with you I could have avoided surgery."

     "Thanks to my consistent work with you I am off all of my migraine medication"

     "How do you like being an artist?"  The Doctor "told me you are the one who truly does all the hard work and has the eye for the artistry that his job is the easy part."

      "You are a miracle worker.   Thank you."

      "I am so glad I could recover without medications"




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